Pralhad Panda

Name: Pralhad Panda
Weight Cat: 56kg
Gender: Male
From: Porvorim
Pralhad Panda has worked hard to become professional boxer. He trains daily in the Goan heat and nothing will stop him from achieving his goals. It’s tough route for any boxer to compete in any nation championships but Pralhad likes challenges and has participated in four National Championships and one University Championship. His hard work paid off when he won a gold medal in the Goa v/s Army Sports Institute tournament and was also declared the best boxer for the same. Pralhad has won six gold medals at the state level and was named best boxer once.
Pralhad is an aggressive boxer, he defends and blocks his opponents punches,studying their movement. He then galores his opponent with a series of punchestaking them by surprise. He practices techniques which he finds difficult until he learns them even if it’ll a year. His ‘never give-up’ attitude makes him a solid boxer and a pain for the opposition. The pressure before the bout can at times be a lot to take in, since boxing is not a team a game and an individual sport it can be hard to deal with the result. Pralhad says that the whole performance depends on the boxer and if you make a mistake, you’ll have to pay for it. He keeps calm in a match by taking deep breaths, it enables him to think clearly and analyse his opponent. Pralhads favourite boxer is the Ukrainian, Vasyl Lomachenko, who is a two time Olympic gold medalist and had won the World Championship once. Pralhad tries imitating his moves and tries learning techniques from the Olympian to improve his game.

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