Name: Laxman Lamani
Gender: Male
Age: 14
From: Baga
Laxman Lamani, a young boxer with an enthusiastic spirit trains twice a day to keep up his good health. Competing at such a young age, Laxman has earned himself the gold medal at the All – Goa Boxing Championship and a Silver medal at Daman & Diu.
Laxman is an underdog. He may look small like a butterfly but stings like a bee with a series of punches finishing his opponent on a high note. He often starts with a slow pace but once he gets to know his opponent’s weakness he’s a killing machine. Usually when he doesn’t have access to the gym he trains outdoors by doing push – ups and crunches. Techniques play an important rule is Laxman’s life. He says without them he would be just a regular kid. For Laxman he himself is the greatest boxer in life. He learns the mistakes from his life and tries to make up for the mistakes he’s done. His parents have always supported him from day one. His main motive is to look forward in representing his state in the Olympic games and making his parents proud.

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