Isha Fernandes

Name: Isha Fernandes
Weight Cat: 60 kgs
Gender: Female
From: Santa Cruz
Isha Fernandes is a promising boxer at the sub-junior level. She has struck gold twice at the State Boxing Championships and won has won gold medals at the Open State Boxing Championship and at the Zonal level in 2016. We don’t hear about much women boxers from Goa, but Isha goes into the ring proving that women too can put up a fight. Playing at the National Boxing Championships can be mentally challenging because opponents will try to intimidate you or make you feel complacent. Isha doesn’t pay heed to trash talk and answers only with her hands. She feels that any boxer should confidence, that you can do it no matter what, not get nervous before a bout and how you respond to the final result. If she isn’t satisfied with her performance she works harder to achieve her target and takes things step by step to improve her game.
Another way of coping with a bad result is that she records her games and then observes the errors in her performance. She practices and practices on her mistakes so that she won’t repeat it in another bout. Isha wants the schools to encourage students to take into boxing since there are few kids who would want to get into the ring. Boxing has helped Isha to manage her time. She knows when she has to study and how much she has to train in a day, the sport has instilled discipline into her for which she is very grateful.

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