Harsh Sharma

Name: Harsh Sharma
Weight Cat: 39 Kgs
Gender: Male
From: Santa Cruz
Harsh Sharma has just begun his boxing days at the Bambolim Athletic Stadium under the guidance Coach Pravin Shirodkar. He watched his brother practice everyday and it motivated him to take to boxing. He dreams of winning medals and making his parents proud of his hard work. He trains twice a day despite only being eleven years old and manages to balance his education and sports.
Harsh studies after school, first thing and then goes to train in the evening. He goes running, following by various vigorous exercise and then sparring. Harsh uses a more defensive strategy while in a bout. He believes that by playing a defensively he can observe his opponents weak points and use that to his advantage. Whenever he takes a hard punch, Harsh won’t cry. He’ll bear the pain and fight his way through to the end.

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