Arun Mashi

Name: Arun Mashi
Weight Cat: 52kg
From: Porvorim
Arun Mashi likes playing on the counter. He’s a counter boxer and lands punch after punch on his opponent. He doesn’t want to give his opponents time to think and bombards them with his quick punches taking them a back. He trains twice a day which is very good sign for an upcoming boxer. Arun has participated in three different National Championships and has won gold in the State Boxing Championships in 2016 and 2017. While in a bout, Arun reads his opponents style of boxing, if the opponent is a rough boxer then Arun keeps a distance and will strike hard when the opponent is tired. He follows the coach’s advice while on the ring if he finds it difficult and will give his best. He feels nervous whenever he plays for National Championship and will train more to keep his focus.
Arun doesn’t like to lose. Whenever he loses a bout he’ll head to the coach and asks him what mistakes he made. He then keeps working on his mistakes to become a better professional boxer. He learned boxing while he was in school. His PE teacher asked him to try the sport and he loved it. His favourite boxer is Muhammad Ali and his tries to copy Ali’s hand and feet coordination. Arun feels that one of the biggest challenges in boxing is to represent the country and win a gold medal. He wants to represent India someday and make his State and the nation proud.

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